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April 07 2009


Doeren Mayhew Consulting Services

Doeren Mayhew’s Corporate Finance and Strategic Services Group provides wide-ranging business consulting expertise geared to our middle-market clients encompassing the interrelated areas of strategic planning, merger and acquisition assistance, capital sourcing, debt restructuring, company valuation, and litigation damage analysis.

Strategic Planning and Business Plans

Mergers and Acquisitions

   Merger and Acquisition Services

Doeren Mayhew Offers Free Child ID Kits

Doeren Mayhew  Certified Public Accountants and Consultants is offering Child Fingerprint & ID Kits FREE to friends and associates of the firm while supplies last.

Now you can keep your child’s vital identification information close at hand in case of an emergency. If the unthinkable ever happens, this identification card with your child’s photo, fingerprints, and vital information can be easily stored in your glove box, purse, or briefcase, readily accessible for authorities. These kits are ideal for parents, caregivers, and grandparents.

Please complete the form on the left to receive your child ID kit(s) by mail.



Doeren Mayhew Company Information

About Doeren Mayhew

As a leader among certified public accounting and consulting firms, Doeren Mayhew has been providing unsurpassed business expertise critical to middle-market, closely held companies and non-profit institutions since 1932. We offer a full menu of business services that can be tailored to meet the specific corporate and personal needs of each client.

These capabilities, combined with a dedication to highly personal service, have enabled Doeren Mayhew to become a trusted advisor and committed business partner to our clients and to attain a unique standing within our industry.

Our experienced professional staff is driven to understand each of our clients' businesses and to fully prepare them  to meet the unique challenges of their business in a manner that is personal, proactive, and progressive.

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